Constitution & By-Laws

Constitution and Bylaws of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods

As approved May 1, 2014


The name of the organization shall be the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods, referred to herein as “the Association” or “LAN”. The Association is comprised of affiliated neighborhood associations in Lawrence and the surrounding urban growth area.


2.1 The general membership of LAN shall consist of the following voting and non-voting members:

a. One (1) representative member chosen by each affiliated neighborhood association (voting).

An affiliated neighborhood association is any valid, organized, extant, and active Lawrence neighborhood association that has paid organizational dues for either the current or the previous year.

b. One (1) representative member chosen by each affiliated interested organization (voting).

An affiliated interested organization is any extant organization that has been accepted for membership by the voting members of the Association and has paid organizational dues for either the current or the previous year.

c. Any individual associate member who has paid individual dues for the current year (non- voting).


a. In cases of dispute, the voting members shall determine who is the legitimate representative of a member organization (with the disputed representatives not voting).

b. In general, neighborhood associations may determine their own physical boundaries, but in cases of a disputed geographic overlap, the voting members shall determine which neighborhood association(s) is/are viewed by LAN as legitimate representative(s) of the contested area.

c. No person may be excluded from membership on account of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, familial status, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.


3.1. A minimum of four membership meetings a year shall be held, including meetings in the months of September, December, March, and June.

a. Officers of the Executive Board shall be elected for the ensuing year at the December meeting of members each year.

b. Special meetings of the membership for any purpose or purposes may be called by any member of the Association, as authorized by the Executive Board. The business transacted at any special meeting shall be confined to the object stated in the call.

c. Working groups including committees, partnerships, and coalitions may be formed at the direction of the general membership. These working groups may act on LAN’s behalf to gather information, interact with decision-makers and stakeholders, formulate strategy or respond to timely issues, etc. However, any formal action taken or statements made on behalf of LAN must be done with the full knowledge and approval of the members.

3.2. Notice of meetings and their conduct

a. Written notice, stating time and place for all regular and special meetings of the members, and the general nature of the business to be considered, shall be given by the Secretary or other person designated by the Executive Board, to each member, by communication, i.e. email, phone call, letter, or posting in a publicly accessible place, such as the Association’s website, at least 5 days before the meeting.

b. The Chair shall call the meetings of the members to order and shall act as their chair unless the members present shall designate another chair. The Secretary of the organization shall act as secretary of all meetings of the members, but in the event of his/her absence or failure to act, the Chair shall appoint another person to act as secretary pro tempore.

c. The Association seeks to welcome all members and guests at meetings. However, individuals who do not conduct themselves or participate in a civil, courteous, and respectful manner may be asked to leave or be denied membership in the organization through a vote by members.


a. A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the membership. Two Executive Board members must be present at any general meeting of the membership.

b. If a quorum is not present, those present shall have the power to adjourn the meeting and a new meeting shall be called within one month.

c. At each meeting of the membership, any member whose dues have been paid shall be entitled to speak on any issue. The vote for officers and the vote for any issue before the meeting shall be by all voting members. Upon demand of any member, a vote shall be by hand count, unless a majority calls for a written ballot.

d. Individual associate members may not vote, unless they have been elected as an officer.


a. Dues of the organization shall be $25.00 per neighborhood association or interested organization, payable and due at the first quarterly meeting. Individual associate memberships shall be $5.00 per person, accepted throughout the membership year.

b. Dues shall be effective until December 31 of the membership year. Members joining near the conclusion of a calendar year should indicate whether the dues are for the current or subsequent membership year.


a. The property and business of the organization shall be managed under the general supervision of the membership.

b. The voting membership shall consist of all representatives from affiliated neighborhood associations and affiliated interested organizations, together with all elected officers of LAN. Each representative shall be viewed as fully empowered to speak and vote for that representative’s neighborhood association or organization on all issues. Each elected officer shall be empowered to speak and vote based on that officer’s conception of the best interests of LAN and Lawrence. Other members may join in discussion but not vote.


Associate members may discuss all issues, advise the Association and serve as officers. Associate members may only vote if they hold office.


a. The officers of the organization shall be: Chair; Vice-Chair; Secretary; and Treasurer, together with such other officers, and co-officers, as the Association may create from time to time. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board, and they shall be elected by the voting membership. Any member of LAN is eligible to be elected and to serve as an officer or co-officer. Elections will be held each year in December.

b. The officers of the organization shall serve for one (1) year terms, or until the election and qualification of their successor(s) by the members of the organization at the December meeting of the membership.

c. In the event of any vacancy in any office the voting membership shall elect the successor officer, and such successor officer shall hold office for the remainder of the term.


The Chair shall have the usual power and authority vested in the office of the spokesperson of an unincorporated organization; shall execute the plans and policies of the organization; and shall perform such other duties as the membership may prescribe.


The power and authority of the Vice-Chair shall be co-extensive with that of the Chair, and in the absence or disability of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chair, and perform such other duties as the membership may prescribe.


a. The Secretary shall attend all organization meetings and record all votes and the minutes of all proceedings in records kept for that purpose.

b. S/he shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all such meetings; shall exercise the powers of the Chair in the absence or disability of the Chair and Vice-Chair; and shall perform such other duties as the membership shall prescribe.


a. The Treasurer shall have general custody of the funds of the organization and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the organization; and shall deposit all monies in the name of the organization and to the credit of the organization in such manner and in such depositories as shall be designated by the Association. S/he shall cause the funds of the organization to be disbursed in such manner as shall be determined by the voting membership, and shall ensure that proper vouchers cover all disbursements.

b. The Treasurer shall be charged with keeping accurate and current membership records for purposes of voting.


Any member of the organization shall have the right to examine, in person, or by agent or attorney, at any time, for any purpose, the bylaws, books, accounts, and records of the organization, or of the proceedings of the meetings of the membership, committees of the membership, or the Executive Board, or extracts from those groups.


All checks or demands for money from the organization shall be signed by the Treasurer and/or countersigned by a person or persons designated by the voting membership.


In the event of a dissolution, for any cause, of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods, all moneys and securities which may at the time be owned by or under the control of the Association shall be disposed of as determined by the then voting membership of the Association.


a. These bylaws may not be altered, amended or repealed except by two-thirds vote of the voting membership.

b. All members should be notified at least two weeks prior to any meeting called, which notice shall set forth the proposed alteration, amendment, or repeal to be considered at the meeting.

(Approved: June 15,1988; Revised: March 15, 2000; Revised: April, 2014; Approved May 1, 2014)