May 16, 2018 Minutes

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods Minutes
Lawrence Public Library, Meeting Room C
May 16th, 2018 7:00 p.m.

Chair attempted to get a volunteer to be secretary. No one volunteered. The chair took notes.

Announcements/introductions: Becky Pepper, City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services; Bill Winkler, Barker Neighborhood Association; Bonnie Uffman, Barker neighborhood resident; Cindy Suenram, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association representative; Courtney Shipley, Dad Perry Park/Kasold; Edna Mosher, Schwegler Neighborhood Association; Jane Gibson, Barker Neighborhood Association representative; Jim Carpenter, Planning Commission Member; Lisa Larsen, Lawrence City Commission / West Hills neighborhood resident; Michael Almon, Brook Creek Neighborhood Association; Nicholas Ward, Lawrence Community Housing Trust ; Phil Collison, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; Rebecca Buford, Lawrence Community Housing Trust ; Stuart Boley, Mayor City of Lawrence, resident Schwegler; Suzanne Mills, Hills West Homes Neighborhood Association representative; Travis Harrod, Springwood Heights representative

After Springwood Heights paid their dues, It was determined that there was a quorum.

Approve: The minutes for the April LAN minutes were approved with one correction. Motion to approve made by Jane, seconded by Travis Harrod.

Treasurer’s Report: Cindy Suenram reported the total amount in the bank account to be 2,695.11

Update from City Planning Department: Becky Pepper, city planner – See neighborhood updates at

Speakers: Rebecca Buford and Nicholas Ward from the Lawrence Community Housing Trust spoke. Some changes to zoning would allow them to build smaller homes in established neighborhoods. Currently the lot cost is $50,000 while the average purchase price for a home in Lawrence was 213,000 for 2017. All the new construction is built to be energy efficient. Out of 81 properties, 20 were rehab the rest were infill.

“Density Bonuses” would allow them to cut the lot cost in half. North Carolina has an example of Density Bonuses. The affordable units must be permanent to get the bonus.

Putting affordable housing in established neighborhoods fights gentrification by guaranteeing availability of low cost homes in neighborhoods. One suggestion has been to use accessory dwelling designation to build two homes on a lot. There would need to be a text amendment to code to accomplish this.

Updates: Jane Gibson asked that we have discuss creating an audio/video policy. While video recording creates new opportunities but what are the ramifications? Everyone gave their impressions. There was consensus that the minimum amount of courtesy would be to ask or notify speakers in advance if someone will be recording. Rather than voting for a policy, Jane suggested that it be an informal policy.

Neighborhood reports:

  • Barker Neighborhood has street work happening in the north part of the neighborhood.
  • Schwegler will be having its garage sale this weekend.
  • Schwegler Neighborhood has met with KU about the lights and noise from the new sports field. Ku agreed to reduce the volume of air horns and ban noisemakers.
  • Bonnie Uffman gave an overview of the City Commission meeting regarding 19th street. She reported that many people came to make comments. Bonnie expressed her frustration that the city asks for community input, but the public response is being ignored. Michael Almon agreed that while there’s been over two years of public feedback none of it has been incorporated into the plan.
  • He also noted that the MPO was supposed to classify 19th as a minor arterial but it reclassified it to a collector instead. Most commissioners expressed concern about the width of the project and directed that they be presented with at least two options.

Cindi Suenram motioned to adjourn seconded by Courtney Shipley.

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