Feb. 21, 2018 Minutes

LAN met at 7:00 p.m., February 21, 2018, in Meeting Room C of the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street with Co-Chair Courtney Shipley presiding.

The following attendees were present: Becky Pepper, City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services; Cindy Suenram, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association representative; David Mosher, Schwegler Neighborhood Association; Dustin Stumblingbear, Pinckney Neighborhood Association representative; Karen Kressin, Old West Lawrence Association; Gary Webber, Sunset Hill Neighborhood Association co-representative; Melinda Henderson, Brook Creek Neighborhood Association representative; Pam Burkhead, University Place Neighborhood Association co-representative; Travis Harrod, Springwood Heights representative


  1. Courtney provided dates and topics for Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Meetings; March 5-Community Resources & Appendix, April 2-Natural Resources & Transportation, April 16-Economic Dev. & Neighborhoods/housing.
  2. Melinda announced opportunities to tour law enforcement center. Courtney will forward to listserve about this tour.
  3. Gary will change Pam Burkhead’s email on the listserve.

Approve – January LAN minutes: Cindy moved to approved, Gary seconded, passed.

Discuss moving the meetings to the third Wednesdays: Gary moved to schedule meetings on third Wednesdays of each month, Cindy seconded, unanimous to approve motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Suenram: $2590.11.  7 neighborhoods, 2 individuals have paid dues.

Update from City Planning Department – Becky Pepper, city planner: Becky will send the legal notice early in the month and will send out the newsletter just prior to the meeting.  See Neighborhood update at https://lawrenceks.org/pds/lan17/.

Update on 19th street: Melinda reported regarding proposed widening and extension of 19th St. east to O’Connell Rd.  The T2040 plan revision is currently calling for comments, and four adjacent neighborhoods (Barker, Brook Creek, University Place, Schwegler) are opposing these changes.  Plans for extension of O’Connell road to the south would, in the opinion of these neighborhoods, increase traffic on 19th coming from K-10.  The five neighborhoods favor an openable barrier for emergency vehicles, and are asking for a letter from LAN in support of their position to submit to the T2040 comments. Cindy moved to write letter opposing extension of 19th.  Mosher seconded.  Five in favor, one abstention, passed.

Discussion on sidewalks – The Sidewalk Hazard Repair Program is tentatively scheduled to be discussed by City Commission at their March 6th meeting: Gary reported that LiveWell Healthy Built Environments Work Group and Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition (PedCo) have issued talking points to their email list in support of city-wide funding for sidewalk repair, and suggesting changes to the Sidewalk Hazard Repair Program.  These talking points and expanded PedCo suggestions are available on the PedCo website (http://www.lawrencewalks.org/).   Neighborhoods and interested citizens are encouraged to contact their commissioners prior to the March 6 meeting if they support these talking points, and to attend the March 6 meeting and speak during the public comment period following commission discussion of this item. Gary moved to write letter supporting the LiveWell and PedCo position.  Courtney seconded. Five for, none opposed, none abstaining.

Neighborhood reports:

  • Travis reported for Springwood Heights. The Planning Commission voted against changing the comprehensive plan for the lot at the southwest corner of Clinton Pkwy and Crestline, killing the apartment complex planned for that lot for now.  However, since that meeting, 3 acres of “environmentally sensitive” trees were bulldozed. If a developer should propose a development in the future, the neighborhood will demand that required trees are replaced.  Melinda suggested that Springwood Heights develop a neighborhood plan addressing that piece of property.
  • Dustin is the new vice president of Pinckney Neighborhood Association. The Association is also updating their neighborhood plan.
  • Karen Kressin reported that Danial Poole is the new president of Old West Lawrence Neighborhood Association.
  • Pam reported that University Place has new leadership, and is working on historic designation for the neighborhood. There has been a good deal of conversation about restrictions on siding. They are having difficulty finding a place for their meeting.  They have held meetings at LHS, but the contract requires insurance.  They have found a venue at Babcock Place.
  • David reported that Schwegler meets at Schwegler School and at the fire station. Pam reported that she was turned down by the fire department when she asked to use their space.
  • Melinda reported that Brook Creek had elections, but officers did not change. They will be hosting a presentation by Commissioner Thellman and another county staff member on the upcoming sales tax referendum on the jail and mental health facility. The presentation will be on March 7, 2018, at 7:00 pm. East Lawrence Recreation Center.  Melinda reported that a bill has been introduced loosening the restrictions on poultry factories.

Cindy moved to adjourn, Courtney seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.