LAN Support /Accomplishments 2017

LAN Support /Accomplishments 2017 –  16 Active Paid Members, 14 Neighborhoods

LAN 2017 Speakers:

JAN- Mark Thiel, Asst. Public Works Director spoke about proposed sidewalk policy changes.

FEB- Speaker: Chris Tilden, Community Health Director gave a Health Department update on the community health assessment.

APR- Kathy Richardson, Solid Waste Manager with Public Works spoke about the recycling program.
– Shannon Kimball spoke about the school bond vote.

MAY- Kurt Schroder, Asst. Director of Planning & Development spoke about proposed changes to the sign code.

JUNE- Gary Webber gave a sidewalk update.
– Jane Gibson, rep for Barker neighborhood gave an update on the 19th St. project.
– Commissioner Matthew Herbert answered general questions.

SEPT- Patrick Wilbur with Lawrence Sunset Alliance spoke about sales tax renewals.

OCT- Porter Arneill, City Communications Manager discussed the sales tax renewal.
– Phyllis Farrar, Friends of Lawrence Transit, discussed sales tax proposal for public transportation.
– Sara Taliaferro, Justice Matters, Discussed sales tax proposal for affordable housing.

NOV- Dennis Brown, Lawrence Preservation Alliance, spoke about Historic Neighborhoods.
– Travis Harrod, Springwood Heights Neighborhood Association spoke about the proposed development in their neighborhood.

LAN Support /Accomplishments:

  1. Support for City finding an equitable solution to sidewalk maintenance. Letter, public speaking, meetings. The effort is ongoing. Gary Webber key Sunset Hill advocate.
  2. Bus Hub discussion and support of University Place Neighborhood’s concerns. Hub was canceled. Hub discussions continue at the City.
  3. Support of Oread Neighborhood Overlay District, approved by CC in early 2017.
  4. Support and input into Citywide Parking Study.
  5. Recommendations to H2020 Task Force regarding neighborhood issues – To improve citywide planning and importance of neighborhood involvement in planning and redevelopment that impacts neighborhoods.
  6. LAN questions for CC candidates. Responses sent out to the LAN list serve.
  7. LAN request CC to develop codes for Air B&B. Letter and spokesperson at CC. Codes are being developed.

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