DEC 2016 Summary

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) Meeting Summary – December 1, 2016

LAN met at 7:05 p.m., December 1, 2016, in Meeting Room C of the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street with Chair Candice Davis presiding. Candice declared the absence of a quorum noting that no motions or voting will occur until a quorum is recognized.

The following attendees were present: Becky Pepper, City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services; Bill Winkler, Barker Neighborhood Association; Candice Davis, Oread Residents Association; Charlie Bryan, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department / Monterey Neighborhood; Cindy Suenram, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; Courtney Shipley, Dad Perry Park/Kasold; Kirk McClure, Old West Lawrence Association; Lisa Larsen, Lawrence City Commission; Melinda Henderson, Brook Creek Neighborhood Association; Robert Lewis, West Hills Homes Association.

Nomination committee report. Courtney Shipley agreed to co-chair with Candice Davis. Kirk McClure agreed to serve as vice-chair. Cindy Suenram agreed to serve as Treasurer. Charlie Bryan agreed to serve as Secretary. Elections will be deferred until a quorum is established.

Chair updates. Melinda Henderson has agreed to serve as Facebook administrator. Courtney has access to the Gmail email. Charlie agreed to be website manager. Courtney will arrange speakers.

Treasurer’s report. Cindy Suenram reported that there is $2,187.74 in the LAN bank account. Payment of 2017 membership dues begins next month. Dues are $25.00 for organizations and $5 for individuals. Dues can be sent to 1204 New York St., Lawrence, Kansas 66044.

Guest speaker. No guest speaker tonight.

Update from City Planning and Development Services. Becky Pepper reviewed the December 1, 2016 Neighborhood Update for LAN, available at Starting in January, Planning Commission meetings will be moved to third Wednesday evenings to allow more time for commissioners to review meeting packets. The City Commission is expected to conduct the second reading of the Oread Design Guidelines on Dec. 6. The City Commission is also expected to consideration of the HERE parking project the same day.

Chamber agreement. Candice encouraged a brief discussion on the relevance of the LAN position on the Chamber/City Agreement to LAN members and neighborhoods.

Parking code review. Desman Design was hired to conduct a comprehensive study of the parking system serving Downtown, East Lawrence neighborhood, and neighborhoods surrounding the University of Kansas. Sheila Stogsdill is still working on revising code regarding stacked parking. With approval of the Oread Design Guidelines, stacked parking will no longer be allowed within the overlay district.

Accomplishments for 2016. Attendees discussed the year in review, identifying the following accomplishments:

  1. LAN accomplishments
    1. Support for Complete Streets/ Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force
    2. Support review of city parking requirements
    3. Two LAN members attended Horizon 2020 revision meetings
    4. Input in Horizon 2020 review (Neighborhood chapter)
    5. Responsible for City review of Chamber, including bringing attention to the City’s inadequate contract Agreement with the Chamber; The City worked with the Chamber to develop a new, updated Agreement.
    6. LAN members worked with the City on the intermodal facility (on-going)
    7. LAN members brought attention to City code problems/issues/neighborhood impact (stacked parking, parking, duplex issues, art corridor, density).
    8. Opposition to K10 Crossing
    9. Support of the Oread Historic Design Guidelines and Overlay District.
  2. Neighborhood accomplishments
    1. Monterey neighborhood – Recruited more than 100 residents to
    2. Barker – Development at the former site of the Sunrise Garden Center (Central Soy Foods will use the site to manufacture tofu, and Sunrise Project will use the site for its nonprofit operations) and has become very active
    3. Brook Creek – Added a bus stop at 12th and Haskell for northbound service to Route 1 along Haskell. Meeting with Parks and Rec regarding upgrading Brook Creek Park. Also, City Commission revised capital improvement budget to address storm water drainage. Convening 19th Street Corridor committee.
    4. West Hills Homes Association – Getting two storm sewers. Curbing on Emery Road still needs to be fixed.
    5. Old West Lawrence – Sidewalks are becoming recognized as an issue.
    6. East Lawrence – Funding for East Ninth Street project vs. need to address sidewalk repair. Following infill development.
    7. Oread – Oread Historic Design guidelines and Overlay District. Pressured city to adhere to parking requirements for HERE. Prevented upzoning from RM12D to RM32 (maintain low density zoning).

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


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