JAN 5, 2017 AGENDA

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods

Agenda for January 5, 2017, Room C, Lawrence Public Library, 7:00 p.m.

Announcements: Intro new folks. Comments about- e-mail, FB neighborhood posts, speaker, Mark Thiel on sidewalks. Possible future speakers Eileen Horn city/county Sustainability Coordinator re: “STAR Program” (Community Rating System designated to Lawrence) and Tamara Cash Community Village Lawrence.

Approval: November 3rd LAN minutes.

Treasurer’s report: Cindy Suenram.

Update from City Planning Dept: Becky Pepper, city planner.

LAN Business:

                      Elections: Slate:

– Co-Chairs, Courtney Shipley / Candice Davis

– Vice-Chair, Kirk McClure

– Secretary, Charlie Bryan

– Treasurer, Cindy Suenram

Speaker:      Mark ThielPublic Works

LAN Updates:

Current city/neighborhood issues:

–     Website manager 2017, Charlie Bryan, needs to have an account with WP to become the new administrator.

  • The Chamber/City Agreement was updated.
  • HERE parking/neighborhood CC passed.
  • Oread Guidelines/Overlay District passed CC.
  • Parking code review PC ongoing.
  • Downtown grocery progress.
  • Neighborhoods looking ahead, focus for LAN.

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