OCT 2016 Minutes

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods
Minutes of Monthly Meeting
October 6, 2016
Lawrence Public Library

Meeting called to Order:            7:00 pm

Candy Davis, President, Oread Neighborhood Association
Cindy Suenram, Treasurer, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association
Kirk McClure, Vice President, Old West Lawrence
Ted Boyle, North Lawrence Improvement Association
Melinda Henderson, Brook Creek Neighborhood Association
Rick Lahm, West Hills Homes Association
Lisa Larsen, City Commission
Robert Lewis, West Hills Homes Association
Becky Pepper, City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services
Courtney Shipley, Dad Perry Park
Kyle Thompson, Oread Neighborhood Association

Media Outreach
Discussion was held on problems with the letterhead. Progress with the LAN website was noted.

Possible Future Speakers
Next month Michael Almond will be asked to speak about concerns related to the expansion of 19th Street. Melinda Henderson will ask if he is available.

Moved by Suenram, seconded by Lewis, that the minutes for the August and September meetings of LAN be approved. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
There was no financial activity over the last month leaving the account balance unchanged at $2,162.74.

The Treasurer reminded the membership that membership dues are due in January for 2017.


Report for the City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services Department
The October 24, 2016, Planning Commission will review:

  • Special Use Permit for the county for a child care development
  • Special Use Permit for Central Soy Foods at 1501 Learned
  • Text Amendment to discuss parking issues
  • Text Amendment to discuss public notice procedures possibly to reset the buffer distance for public notice on a property

Rental licensing reports that over 19,500 rental units have a current license or a license pending annual renewal.

The Horizon 2020 Update Committee will hold a meeting to review the draft plan prior to sending it to the City Commission for review. The meeting will be held October 10, 2016.

The Oread Design Guidelines will go to the City Commission Work Session on October 11, 2016.

Parking Requirements
Davis raised the issue of parking requirements failing to require that parking spaces remain for use by the tenants of a property at all times. Property owners are taking steps to rent parking spaces to other users.

Moved by McClure, seconded by Lewis that the President of LAN send a letter to the Planning Commission expressing support for a requirement that parking spaces be strengthened to require that parking spaces remain for tenant use at all times.

Lahm asked about the Request for Proposals issued by the City for a parking study. Discussion indicated that the issues involve the inventory of parking spaces in some neighborhoods and the possibility of using neighborhood parking permits.

Election of LAN Officers in December
Davis indicated that a nominations committee is needed to devise a slate of names for the December election of officers. Davis indicated that she did not want to serve as President in 2017. McClure, Henderson and Davis agreed to serve as the nominations committee.

Contract between the Chamber of Commerce and the City
The contract between the Chamber of Commerce and the City for execution of economic development was not executed and the scope of services was vague. It is unclear whether these problems have been resolved. LAN will monitor the situation and await the outcome of the findings of a consultant hired by the City to examine local economic development practices and procedures.

Henderson reports that consultants may be used in future to perform “but for” analysis. McClure suggested that such analysis should be performed by trained in-house staff.

Intermodal Transportation Hub
A 19th Street Coalition drawn from Brook Creek, Barker, University Place, Schwegler and East Lawrence neighborhoods is being formed to monitor transportation plans. The concern is that 19th Street might be given designation as a major arterial road as part of the intermodal transportation hub, hurting the neighborhoods along the street.

Old Business
The HERE project was discussed including the problems with parking and traffic during move-in.

The Oread Guidelines were discussed elaborating on the parking problems.

Elections: Henderson reminded members that the Voter Education Committee will be conducting candidate forums for various elective offices.

Educating City Commission members: Discussion indicated frustration with City Commission members voting against the complete streets design for Kasold Drive, contradicting a great deal of evidence indicating the merits of the complete streets design.

Neighborhood Reports

Brook Creek: The City Manager attend the meeting of the Brook Creek neighborhood with an open discussion of issues.

North Lawrence: The annual potluck dinner had a good turnout. The North Lawrence Neighborhood Improvement Association will conduct a forum for candidates for the County Commission. The neighborhood has new traffic calming devices and will have a clean-up day.

East Lawrence Neighborhood Association: ELNA held a successful block party with elections to be held soon.

Communication Received
LAN received a note of thanks from Courtney Shipley for LAN’s support on the complete streets design for Kasold Drive.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.


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