Guidelines for Lawrence Neighborhood Associations and representation to LAN

 (adopted 4-7-16)

Neighborhood Association:
A “neighborhood association” is a group of people organized for the purpose of considering and acting upon any of a broad range of issues affecting the livability and quality of life in their neighborhoods. (A neighborhood association can function as an unincorporated association, or instead may be incorporated in Kansas as a not for profit corporation.  Either of these entities may seek tax-exempt status by pursuing a separate designation under section 501(c) of the IRS code.)

Neighborhood Association Membership Rules

  • Leadership that will provide continuity of membership and sustain the association over time. Leadership shall change periodically.
  • Maintain a membership listing which is open to any person who lives and/or owns any real property within the recognized boundaries of the neighborhood association. Other individuals or organizations may be members as further set forth in each neighborhood association’s bylaws.
  • Boundaries are clearly stated in its bylaws. The boundaries should not overlap those of any other neighborhood association, except to the extent that each neighborhood association affected agrees in writing.
  • No discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, national origin, income, or political affiliation, shall exist in membership policies or actions.
  • Bylaws will be up to date and maintained by the neighborhood association, published and available to any resident.
  • CDAC funded neighborhoods must adhere to those policy rules set by the city.
  • Voting privileges are also set forth in each neighborhood’s bylaws.
  • Dues may be collected from members on a voluntary basis or via other fundraising efforts.
  • Meeting Requirements will be set forth in the neighborhood association bylaws. A minimum of one general meeting per year open to all residents is required.

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) Membership
Neighborhoods that meet the requirements of a neighborhood association will be accepted for membership by the voting members of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) and be eligible to appoint a LAN representative who will have a voice in setting goals and priorities for LAN. Assistance is available from LAN to help neighborhoods organize and form a neighborhood association.

Paid yearly dues are required by LAN: $25.00 for each neighborhood, $5:00 for a single non-voting membership. Eligible voters are dues paying LAN representatives only.

Neighborhood Associations are urged to register on the City website to take advantage of the listing of neighborhood contacts and other services.

A listing of neighborhood property owners is available at the courthouse.


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