FEB 2016 Minutes

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2016

LAN met at 7 p.m., February 4, 2016, in Meeting Room C at the Lawrence Public Library with Chair Candice Davis presiding. The following attendees were present:

Bonnie Uffman, Barker Neighborhood Association; Brenda Nunez, East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; Candice Davis, Oread Residents Association; Charlie Bryan, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and Monterey Neighborhood; Cindy Suenram, East Lawrence Individual Member; David Longhurst, Downtown Lawrence Inc.; Dietrich Earnhart, University Place Neighborhood Association; Drew Fennelly, City of Lawrence Police; Jim Carpenter, Planning Commission Member; Kirk McClure, Old West Lawrence; Kurt Schroeder, City of Lawrence Planning and Development Services; Lisa Larsen, Lawrence City Commission; Marilyn Hull, Lawrence Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force; Porter Arneill, City of Lawrence Arts & Culture Director; Robert Lewis, West Hills Homes Association; Steve Braswell, Pinckney Neighborhood Association; Steve Evans, University Place Neighborhood Association; Ted Boyle, North Lawrence Improvement Association


  • Possible future speakers: Megan Gilliland – Lawrence Listens, Robert Baker – affordable housing, Eileen Horn – City/County Sustainability Coordinator about the STAR project

January minutes
It was moved by David Longhurst, seconded by Kirk McClure, to approve January 2016 minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s report
Cindy Suenram reported that there is $2,072.83 in the LAN bank account. Collection of annual LAN membership dues for 2016 has begun. Currently, seven neighborhood associations have paid dues.

Presentation by Marilyn Hull, Lawrence Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force
Marilyn Hull, chair of the Lawrence Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force, provided an overview and update on the work of the task force, which was established by Resolution No. 7106, adopted by the City Commission on March 24, 2015. The task force has released a draft report with proposed recommendations and is accepting public comment. The draft report is available for review at http://lawrenceks.org/ped-bike. Hull distributed a one-page flier summarizing the draft report (attached). The task force will present and talk about the recommendations with the City Commission during a study session at 4 p.m. Feb. 9, also at City Hall. After review of public comments and feedback from the City Commission, the task force expects to complete its report by March 1.

Presentation by Porter Arneill, City of Lawrence Director of Arts and Culture
In May, 2015, Porter Arneill was selected to serve as the Director of Arts and Culture for the City of Lawrence, Kansas. In this role, Arneill focuses on enhancing the coordination of arts and cultural activities and initiatives in the community and serves as the staff liaison for the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission and Sister Cities Advisory Board. During his presentation to LAN, Arneill shared information on the following key initiatives:

  • The City of Lawrence developed a City Wide Cultural Plan and is working with Callahan Creek, which is donating time and expertise, to develop and implement a communitywide marketing effort to increase awareness and understanding of the plan. Arneill provided copies of the Cultural Plan executive summary. The summary, as well as the full plan, are available online at https://www.lawrenceks.org/cmo/cultural-plan.
  • The City of Lawrence and Douglas County will participate in a national economic impact study, Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, of America’s nonprofit arts and culture industry. Participation in the study will allow us to quantify the economic impact of the arts and culture industry in Lawrence and Douglas County. Findings of the study, expected to be released in June of 2017, will demonstrate the role of local arts and culture organizations in supporting jobs, generating government revenue, and promoting tourism. The study requires the collection of detailed financial and programming information from all of the arts and culture organizations located in Lawrence and Douglas County as well as a minimum of at least 800 audience-intercept surveys from people who are attending arts and culture events. More information about the study is available at http://lawrenceks.org/aep5.
  • The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission (LCAC) is seeking applicants for the annual Community Arts Grant Program. The deadline to submit applications is 4 p.m., Monday, March 21, 2016. The purpose of the grant program is to advance the goals identified by the Lawrence community in the City Wide Cultural Plan. Grants are anticipated to range from $500 to $10,000. The grant application instructions and forms are available for download at http://lawrenceks.org/boards/lawrence-cultural-arts-commission/grants/opportunities. Applicants also can pick up materials at City Hall. (Please contact Porter Arneill, contact information below, to make arrangements).

For more information regarding efforts to support arts and culture in Lawrence, contact Porter Arneill, Director of Arts and Culture, at parneill@lawrenceks.org or 785-832-3402.

Update from City Planning and Development Services
Kurt Schroeder reviewed the Neighborhood Update for LAN February 4, 2016, available at
Schroeder highlighted that the City launched a Lawrence Listens survey to solicit public input on the proposed text amendments to expand agricultural uses permitted by City Code. The survey is available at http://lawrenceks.org/lawrence-listens. Any public input gathered through Lawrence Listens will be provided to the staff and Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission will review the text amendments at their February 22 meeting.

For more information on matters related to Planning and Development Services, contact Becky Pepper at bpepper@lawrenceks.org or 785-832-3153.

Current city/neighborhood issues

  1. Parking code review. The January mid-month Planning Commission meeting included a presentation and discussion on revising Article 9 of the Land Development Code related to parking standards. Under current City Code, duplex homes are permitted to stack cars, which creates an incentive for developers to build four bedroom duplexes that essentially serve as small apartment complexes. This increases residential density. When unrelated occupants live in these four bedroom duplex apartments, they use on-street parking spaces rather than stacking their vehicles. This crowds neighborhood streets.
  2. Neighborhood overlay district. The draft Oread Design Guidelines are now available on the City’s website. These were recommended as one of the initiatives of the Oread Neighborhood Plan, which was adopted in 2010. Planning staff conducted a public meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at the Lawrence Public Library Auditorium. The Planning Commission and the Lawrence Historic Resources Commission will have a joint meeting to discuss the Guidelines on Thursday, February 18, 2016 (6:00 p.m. start), in the City Commission Room.
  3. HERE Project. The City Commission unanimously voted reject a proposed parking plan for the HERE Kansas apartments and retail development at 1101 Indiana Street. Commissioners expressed concerns about the proposed width of parking spaces in the garage to be used for valet parking only. Commissioners also voiced concerns that parking issues would lead tenants to park in the already congested Oread neighborhood. City staff will work with the developer to come up with alternatives for further consideration by the Planning Commission before returning the issue to the City Commission.
  4. City appointment and city board vacancies. A listing of existing and upcoming vacancies on city boards and commissions was distributed. The list is available online at http://lawrenceks.org/boards/vacancies. To volunteer, complete an online application or send a letter of interest to the Mayor, P.O. Box 708, Lawrence, KS 66044.

Reports from advisory committees if present

  • East Ninth. There is still talk of narrowing the street and putting in parklets. The updated plan will be released on February 29. The Citizen Advisory Committee will meet to consider the plan on March 2. For more information, visit https://www.lawrenceks.org/9th-street-corridor-project.

Update from Lawrence Police Department
Drew Fennelly provided the following update:

  • There is a push right now to recruit people to apply to become police officers. This is an interesting time because one-fifth of the department will retire in the next three years. Many officers were hired after approval of a 1991 sales tax that allowed for expansion of department. These officers are now reaching 25 years of service and are eligible for retirement.

Other updates/issues

  • Dietrich Earnhart (University Place) asked if LAN has taken up a position on the intermodal facility (transit hub) on lot 90. Arkansas and Missouri would be the main exits from this facility, leading directly into a residential area.
  • The KU Central District project is expected to cause more busses to go onto 19th Street between Iowa and Naismith.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department Comprehensive Master Plan will be updated this year. The current plan was last updated in 2000 and has been identified as a high priority in the “Issues Action Report” in the updating of the Communities’ Horizon 2020 plan. On Feb. 9, the City Commission will consider whether to authorize the Interim City Manager to negotiate a contract with GreenPlay LLC for updating the plan. The current master plan steering committee consists of Sue Hack (member of the LPRD advisory board), Eileen Horn (City/County Sustainability Coordinator), Kevin Loos (previous member of the LPRD advisory board), Mark Hecker (LPRD Assistant Director) and Ernie Shaw (LPRD Interim Director). The composition of this steering committee does not provide adequate representation of the diverse voices and needs of our community and should be reconsidered. LAN will request broader representation at the next CC meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


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