DEC 2015 Minutes

December 3, 2015 LAN

Tom Harper Centennial, Kirk McClure OWL, Robert Lewis West Hills, Becky Pepper City Planning, Bill Winkler & Jim Carpenter Barker, Candice Davis Oread, Kirk McClure OWL, Jeanne Pees Sunset Hills, Brenda Nunez & Cindy Suenram East Lawrence, Charlie Bryan Monterey Way and LDCHD, Ted Boyle N. Lawrence, Melinda Henderson Brookcreek, Lisa Larson City Commissioner, Steve Evans University Place

Introductions- Steve Evans 1st meeting, lives in University Place neighborhood.

Announcements- Suggestions for guest speakers. Would like Mary Miller to speak about urban agriculture next month. Future speakers, Megan Gilliland-City tech, Robert Baker-affordable housing. Check out web-site,

Minutes approved w/ two corrections: Cindy states the correct amount for last month was 1978.82 and on the 6th paragraph Tuesday was changed to Monday regarding the League of Womens Voters.

Cindy moved that we accept the minutes from November with these changes and Robert Lewis seconded.

Cindy Suenram Treasurer report: 1978.82 currently but she gave Zee Galiano a check for $60.00 this week for web-site work that will change the amount to 1918.82.

Becky Pepper- see Neighborhood update for LAN December 3, 2015 attachment.

Dec 8th City Commission will have a discussion about the Sunrise Project and the Southpointe/K-10 Crossing. It is encouraged that members of LAN attend and or speak.

Candice and Kirk prepared a letter asking the City Commission to not support Southpointe/K-10 Development. Candice asked those in attendance about whether or not to send the letter. Robert Lewis moved that we send it, everyone agreed and Ted Boyle and Brenda Nunez voted against sending the letter. Jeannie Pees abstained. Candice will send the letter on behalf of LAN.

LAN elections:

Chair-Candice Davis

Vice-Chair Kirk McClure

Secretary-Charlie Bryan

Treasurer-Cindy Suenram

Melinda Henderson moved that we accept the above. Cindy Suenram seconded. Everyone agreed.

Fireworks ban- Melinda Henderson- 2002 the City Commission passed a fireworks ban. She is frustrated that the police/city is not enforcing the ban effectively. It is of particular concern for vets. This issue will be on the future agenda for the City Commission. 200 complaints in 2014, 261 complaints in 2015, 30 citations for 2014 and 12 for 2015.

H2020 revision- LAN continues to support updating and rewriting chapter 5 on Residential Land Use in order to address established and new neighborhoods.

9th Street Project on hold due to problems with truck route.

Planning Commission will here more on parking concerns in mid January.

Downtown Grocery update- Charlie Bryant & Ted Boyle: North Lawrence created a survey and the Health Department assisted in the process of distributing it. Moving slowly, but surely. Price Chopper is the identified grocer at this point.

Charlie Bryan working on idea of combining committees for transportation (vehicles, walking, biking,etc) and safety under one umbrella committee/office to share contacts and information.

Neighborhood Resource officers not present.

No other Committee or neighborhood reports.

City Commission is being broadcast on Channel 25 and it can be viewed on the computer via the City web-site via you-tube.

December 17, 6-8pm at the Carnegie Building there will be a reception to meet the 3 candidates for the City Manager position.


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