JAN 7, 2016 Agenda

Lawrence Public Library 7:00 p.m

Announcements: Intro new folks, e-mails, FB, website, future speakers Porter Arneill- Director of Arts and Culture-February, Megan Gilliland-Lawrence Listens, Robert Baker-affordable housing.

Approval: of December LAN minutes.

Treasurer’s report: Cindy Suenram.

Update from City Planning and Development Dept: Becky Pepper ( January 2016 Update for LAN)

Speaker: Mary Miller City Planner – Draft, Urban Agriculture code amendments.

LAN Updates:

-LAN election results:
Chair: Candice Davis, Vice Chair: Kirk McClure, Secretary: Charlie Bryan, Treasurer: Cindy Suenram.

-Meetings of LAN members on behalf of LAN? Chair– 12-4-15 meeting with CC member, 12-7-15 meeting with PC member, STAR meeting at the library 12-9-15, meeting with Arts Commissioner 12-11-15. Other member reports?

– Current city/neighborhood issues- So. Point Project-letter sent, parking code amendments- duplex issues-mid January-resend letter, downtown grocery, 9th street project, neighborhood overlay district progress-Oread/East Lawrence, city appointments.

Reports from advisory committees if present:                                              

  • VEC
  • Pedestrian Coalition- Safe Routes to Schools
  • The Lawrence trail loop
  • LiveWell Built Environment Workgroup
  • Citizen Advisory Committee Art District, 9th street corridor
  • Affordable Housing Coalition Update / housing trust
  • Neighborhood Resource Officer, Neighborhood Reports

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