Nov. 5, 2015 Minutes

Tom Harper Centennial, Kirk McClure OWL, David Longhurst Downtown Inc, Robert Lewis West Hills, Becky Pepper City Planning, Bill Winkler & Jim Carpenter Barker, Candy Davis Oread (ORA), Steve Braswell Pinkney, Kirk McClure OWL, Jeanne Pees & Shannon Spradling Sunset Hills, Brenda Nunez & Cindy Suenram East Lawrence, Charlie Bryan Monterey Way and LDCHD, Aaron Hachmeister LPD, Ted Boyle N. Lawrence, Virgil Dean Westwood, Melinda Henderson Brookcreek, Lisa Larson City Commissioner,

October minutes – David Longhurst approved them and Kirk McClure seconded. Everyone agreed.

Treasurers Report by Cindy Suenram, $1,9078.82. Cindy paid Zee Galliano $60 for web services.

Becky Pepper – see attachment, Neighborhood Update for LAN November 5, 2015

Steve Braswell moved that Candy Davis write a letter regarding supporting the one parking space per bedroom for duplexes. Kirk McClure seconded, everyone agreed.

There is a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Would prefer someone with neighborhood interests.

LAN discussed the recent voting for the ELNA Board this week. Corporations, LLCs’, and out of neighborhood property owners want their provisional ballets counted. There has been communication with City regarding this issue. The League of Women’s Voters coordinated the voting Tuesday. Non-resident property owners may legally challenge their right to vote in neighborhoods that receive CDAC funds. ELNA by-laws allow voting for residents not for non-resident property owners.

Melinda Henderson has been working on organizing /editing the ELAN list-serve. There are 126 names on the list right now. She passed the list around the attendees and asked us to look for any discrepancies, duplications or people who have moved. E-mails will not be listed publically, only names of member.

Upcoming elections: The slate of officers for 2016: Candy Davis Chair, Kirk McClure Vice Chair, Cindy Suenram Treasurer. Charlie Bryan Secretary. The elections will be held next month. Anyone interested in a position on the board may submit their names to additionally be placed on the ballots. Paid representatives of Neighborhoods will be able to vote. Candy will review by-laws regarding voting regulations.

South Pointe Project – LAN does not support this new development since it will take retail money from existing businesses. Candy will write a letter to the City to oppose the South Pointe development. Cindy moved this and Jeanne seconded it.

Downtown Grocery Store – Ted Boyle provided an update. Developer now wants to add apartments (2-3 floors) on top of grocery store. Ted doesn’t care what goes on top of the grocery store, he just wants it to happen. Parking will be an issue…

Sunrise Garden Center – Jim Carpenter, It’s been a nursery since 1920’s. It has been a non-conforming use since then. It lost its non-conforming use. It’s about 3 acres and is now R7 zoning. The owners are an LLC. The neighborhood supports the project. Dave Millstein purchased the property. The owners want Light Industrial Zoning. There is a group of Barker residents who are going to meet with Dave Millstein soon to discuss other options in lieu of changing the zoning to Light Industrial.

Melinda Henderson discussed the need for better enforcement of the Fireworks ban.

Charlie Bryan Pedestrian Coalition – Goal is to monitor the work being done by the Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force.

Write a letter for support of the Safe Routes Trail and the Bicycle Trail. Melinda moved that LAN write a letter in support and Candy seconded it. Everyone agreed.

Aaron Hachmeister – there have been burglaries and stolen cars in neighborhoods. Lock your homes and cars.

Brenda Nunez – 9th Street: Developer wanted to narrow 9th street but it is a designated truck route. This has created confusion and problems about moving forward with the 9th Street Arts corridor.







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