October 2015 Minutes

LAN Meeting, October 1, 2015

Brian Jimenez, City of Lawrence, Tom Harper: Centennial, Kirk McClure: OWL, David Longhurst: Downtown Inc, Robert Lewis: West Hills, Becky Pepper: City Planning, Bill Winkler: Barker, Candy Davis: Oread, Steve Braswell: Pinkney, Kirk McClure: OWL, Jeanne Pees: Sunset Hills, Dietrich Earnhart: University Place, Brenda Nunez: East Lawrence

Announcements from the chair: Further discussion is needed regarding updating the LAN list serve. Melinda Henderson will discuss next meeting.

LAN minutes from September 3, 2015: David Longhurst moved we accept the minutes, Bill Winkler seconded and everyone agreed.

Treasurer: $1,978.82 Cindy was not here, so Candy communicated this information.

Becky Pepper City Planning: See attachment from City dated Oct. 1, 2015

Brian Jimenez City of Lawrence: update on rental registration program (see item #3)

  • Started July 2014, multi-family started in Jan. 2015.
  • To date $315,000 in fees have been collected. Brian states he is happy with the program and there can be no dispute that health & safety violations are being discovered and corrected. He is also pleased with the costs to administer the program vs. fees collected.
  • City web-site offers many rental reports on violations.
  • Rental Map is on-line, City web-page- every rental in the City can be identified. You can find out the property owner and if they are in good standing. This is city wide- with 16k units. You can search by landlord and complex name.
  • Property Maintenance Code is up for review and it will be presented to the City Commission in early 2016. Brian will need our support in adopting a good code for our City.
  • City wide there are 54 % rentals in Lawrence.

Elections: An election committee needs to be formed. Candy is volunteering to be the Chair in 2016 barring anyone else being interested. Tom will cease being the secretary in 2015. Kirk is willing to be the Vice Chair in 2016. It is unknown if Cindy will be willing to be treasurer in 2016. More discussion is needed in November regarding December LAN elections.

City Commission replacement: CC will choose someone by October 6, 2015

9th Street Corridor: The main artists have been chosen. Many people are upset about the project. People are worried about it being an entertainment destination.

No further neighborhood discussion. Adjourned.


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