September 2015 Minutes

LAN September 3, 2015

Tom Harper Centennial, Cindy Suenram Treasurer individual, Kirk McClure OWL, David Longhurst Downtown Inc, Robert Lewis West Hills, Aaron Hachmeister LPD, Becky Pepper City Planning, Bill Winkler & Bonnie Huffman Barker, Ted Boyle North Lawrence, Candy Davis Oread, Charlie Bryan Monterey Neighborhood and Health Department, Steve Braswell Pinkney, Kirk McClure OWL, Melinda Henderson Brook Creek, Mark Hoppe Sunset Hills

Minutes from August were approved with some minor corrections that Candy corrected. Kirk made the motion and David Longhurst seconded.

Treasurer Report: $1953.82 by Cindy Suenram

Becky Pepper- see attachment: Neighborhood Update for LAN September 3, 2015.

Discussion regarding Compton’s apartment complex above the building that once housed Pachamamas. Currently the developer is not providing any parking for the 55 apartments.

Candy brought up the parking requirement regarding duplexes and parking with Becky Pepper. Duplexes have a lower parking requirement than all other multi-family units in the city. This is creating problems as on-street public parking now provides for the overflow in these units.

Horizon 2020 update- Charlie Bryan states the report is finished and it was delivered to the City. It is a document that has identified the issues our City faces and the City Commission will now determine what issues will be addresses/prioritized.
Neighborhood Updates- various neighborhoods provided updates they are facing.

Melinda Henderson was excited about the possibility of expanded bus route(s) in Brook Creek. She discussed the possibility of 19th Street extending to O’Connell Road. The neighborhood is not supportive of this due to cut through traffic. She also handed out a newsletter from Brook Creek.

OWL- Kirk states the Board of OWL would like the sidewalk issue to remain an issue for LAN to keep in front of the City Commission.

Bill Winkler, Barker Neighborhood. City is working on a main water line on E 15th. The old Sunrise Nursery has been purchased. There will be good things happening there with light commercial.

Sunset Hills- City is working on safer streets in the neighborhood and Sunset Hill Elementary is being renovated.
Ted Boyle, North Lawrence. Sept 14 N. Lawrence will have a pot-luck- 530-730. Lyons Park near the Tennis Courts. Everyone is invited. A grocery store is being planned by Compton and Treanor where the former Borders building is located. Ted reported concern over a “getto zoning” site plan by Scott McCullough that did not follow city code for set backs and open space.

Steve Braswell, Pinkney. Steve is optimistic about life and his community oriented neighborhood. Park clean-up October 3rd. Trick or Treat in the LMH parking lot the week prior to Halloween.

Cindy Suenram, East Lawrence. Reported on the 9th Street Corridor. Residents are discussing downsizing some areas of the neighborhood to keep it largely residential. There is an ELNA picnic at Hobbs Taylor Park September 26 starting at 5pm.

Communication: Melinda will work at editing the LAN list serve. Perhaps using Google Groups.

South Pointe development project: Planning commission voted 8-2 in favor of the project. They developer will likely delay presenting this to the City Commission until there is a 5th city commissioner.

VEC: Melinda- They need a LAN representative ASAP.

Neighborhood Resource Officer- no new updates.


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