LAN Minutes August 6, 2015

LAN Meeting Minutes, August 6, 2015

Larry McElwain (Chamber of Commerce), Tom Harper (Centennial), Cindy Suenram (Individual), Brenda Nunez (ELNA), Kirk McClure (OWL), David Longhurst (Downtown Inc), Robert Lewis (West Hills), Drew Finnelly (LPD), Becky Pepper (City Planning), Bill Winkler (Barker), Ted Boyle (N. Lawrence), Candy Davis (Oread /LAN Chair), Charlie Bryan (Individual/ Community Health Planner), Steve Braswell (Pinkney).

Approval of July minutes: David Longhurst moved that we approve the minutes and Kirk McClure seconded Treasurers Report: $1,953.82 by Cindy Suenram- all approved

Becky Pepper City of Lawrence- see attached Neighborhood Update for LAN August 6, 2015

Discussion about the South Point Development rezoning request, Item #7. Planning Commission will hear this request 8-24-15. LAN has previously not supported a change in zoning and continues to have that position.
Larry McElwain- Community Economic Development Plan, Venture Park East Hills & memo dated August 5, 2015 to “all interested parties” Horizon 2020 memo dated July 20, 2015 See attachments with minutes. The Chamber supports the request for rezoning for the South Point Retail Project, however, future Chamber efforts will focus on jobs development versus retail. Close to announcing 1st business locating at Venture Park.

The Chamber budget is 675k- 200k city, 200k county, 225k + from Chamber and other investors.

Peaslee Center opens next week.

Interesting discussion about The Chamber’s role. See attachment entitled Lawrence Real Estate Market & Growth Management – Facts, Figures and Trends by Richard Caplan Horizon 2020 Update Presentation. LAN disputed the accuracy of the Caplan report regarding retail. Many LAN board members believe that the need for retail was over stated and distorted.

Zee Galliano will be helping with the LAN web-site and Facebook page.
Candy- recommended LAN pay Zee $15 per hour to work on the web-page/Facebook page. David Longhurst supported this proposal and Cindy Suenram seconded it. The vote was unanimous.

Charlie Bryan discussed the committee’s role in the Horizon 2020 revision process. It seemed to be a process of gathering information and then making recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Commission regarding areas of concern. Direct action suggestions were not made. VEC- no one present to give us an update.

Pedestrian Coalition- Charlie Bryan- a group is doing a mural at 10th and NJ and the Safe Walks to School November 7. They are supporting these two projects.

Citizen Advisory Committee Art District 9th Street Corridor. East Lawrence residents continue to be concerned about gentrification and the possible development of an entertainment district on 9th St.

Affordable Housing Coalition Update- N/A

Neighborhood Resource Officer- no update

Attached Update from the Planning & Development Services.
PDS Update for LAN 0815.docx


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