LAN December 2013 Election of Officers

November 26, 2013

Greetings LAN members, and friends,

At the November 2013 LAN meeting, a Nominating Committee was formed, with LAN members Candy Davis, Tom Harper and Kirk McClure. The committee was asked to return with a suggestion for Chair , and it was confirmed that all other current officers are willing and able to continue to serve in their positions.

I am pleased to report that the Nominating Committee recommends the nomination of Linda Bush for the position of LAN Chair for the 2014 term.

Linda is the former Pinckney NA President and current LAN rep, and is a valued LAN member. We are grateful to Linda for her willingness to serve.

Vice Chair Candy Davis would serve as interim-Chair, if re-elected. Dan Dannenberg has offered to continue his service as Treasurer, and Steve Braswell as Secretary.

LAN will continue to function well if members regularly attend meetings, help to present research and background information to the officers and the LAN Board, and share LAN information with their respective neighborhoods.

Your active participation as a LAN member will help officers to represent LAN before the City Commission, the Planning Commission, as well as to other bodies as needed.

The By-Laws contain the following passages:

5. Officers shall be elected for the ensuing year at the December meeting of members in the immediately preceding year.
10. The vote for officers and the vote for any issue before the meeting shall be by the Board of Directors
15. The Board of Directors shall consist of all representatives from affiliated neighborhood associations, together with all elected officers of LAN.
17. The officers of the organization shall be: Chair; Vice-Chair; Secretary; and Treasurer
18. The officers of the organization shall serve for one (1) year terms

As your 2013 Chair, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve LAN. I thank you all for your work, your enthusiasm, your assistance and your service. It has been a rewarding and edifying experience. I look forward to participating in LAN as an individual member during my remaining time in Lawrence. Please know that I intend to help with the coming transition in any way that I can, and will continue to produce the monthly LAN newsletter, if it is the will of the group.

Please attend the December LAN meeting, on Thursday, December 5, at 7 PM, in the Capitol City Bank Conference Room of the Hobbs Taylor Loft.

Per our bylaws, member neighborhood representatives are authorized to vote for officers. Our election will be held at the beginning of the meeting, and we will proceed, collectively, from there.

Many thanks to the nominating committee for their work, and to all LAN members who have helped to move our efforts forward. Together, we can make a difference!


Laura Routh


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