LAN October 2013 Newsletter

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) 

October 2013 Newsletter


Greetings LAN members and friends! The leaves are starting to turn and will soon be falling; winter is just around the corner. As the weather changes, consider lending a hand to neighbors needing help with raking or shoveling snow. Lean more, here  

Wondering what’s going on in the neighborhoods? Check it all out, here:

Update on Rental Registration:Thanks to LAN member CJ Brune, we now have 200 “I Support Rental Registration” stickers, free for the taking!  We’d like to have folks pass these out at their neighborhood meetings, and wear them around town, and most importantly, wear them while attending the next City Meeting where rental registration and inspection will be discussed! To get your stickers, please email or call Laura:; 979-3918. The City will hold a study session on rental inspection at 4 PM on November 5, 2013. We expect landlords to show up in large numbers, and we need neighborhood folks to do the same! We need to be present at this and all future meetings on this subject if we want the ordinance to pass. Plrease come, and bring your neighborhood folks with you, if you can! Read more about the ordinance, here:

Ban on upholstered furniture on porches:

The City has begun an outreach campaign to educate residents on the upholstered furniture regulations on exterior areas.  They have information in our latest video news segment (, the November Flame in utility bills and information was sent out via a press release. This ordinance was passed in late August. Through outreach, the City is trying to make sure that landlords, tenants and homeowners know about this issue and understand that this is a safety issue due to the ignitability of this furniture.

Request from OWL:

Steve Lopes, founding LAN member and Old West Lawrence treasurer, would like to know how member neighborhood associations address requests for donations from not-for-profit organizations. Does your NA donate member dues to worthy causes, and if so, what are your criteria? Steve has suggested the Old West Lawrence Neighborhood association (NAs) adopt a policy for donations and would like to know if any other NAs have a policy they would be willing to share. Also, how do NAs avoid liability claims? Do any have insurance to cover events and if so, with whom and how much? If you have ideas or info to share, please contact Steve at

Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition Update: The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month, at 7 PM. In November, we will meet on the 13th. We meet in the basement conference room of the Carnegie Building, on Vermont Street, downtown. We are currently putting the final touches on a memo containing ideas for improving pedestrian access and safety. We hope to deliver this memo to the City Commission sometime in November. If you’d like to review a draft of the memo, please contact us. 

The Pedestrian Coalition is online! Check us out at and

Info on Historic Properties in Lawrence:

Thanks to Lynn Zollner who attended our October LAN meeting to provide information on changes to state historic resource laws, and the resulting impacts to Lawrence.  Lynn offered the following information as a follow up: The best list of properties listed in the Kansas and National Registers is located here . Click on Douglas County and it will show all the properties with a photo and what register. 

City staff is working on a map that shows all of the Lawrence Register properties; an official list is currently available from Lynn Zollner. The City Commission approved three properties at a recent meeting that will be added once the ordinances have been published.  (900 Rhode Island-Turnhalle, 1500 Haskell Ave-Kibbee House, and 1734 Kent Terrace-Joseph Savage House)  Currently, the Oread Historic District is the only local historic district and it is located in the 1000 block of Ohio and Tennessee. Because of recent changes to state law, if your historic property is not registered with the City’s registry, you may no longer benefit from notification and development protections. Call Lynn to learn about adding your property to the local registry! Lynn is working on the maps and neighborhood information requested by LAN and hopes to have it available soon.  Questions about historic property listings or regulations? Contact Lynn Zollner: Lynne Braddock Zollner, AICP Historic Resources Administrator, office (785) 832-3151 | fax (785) 832-3160

City Advisory Boards: There are almost always openings on City Advisory Boards—check it out! It’s a great way to serve your community, and help ensure that neighborhoods have a voice in City affairs. Check it out, here:

Update on Community Radio in LawrenceRich Wenzel extends his thanks to LAN for helping to support Lawrence Community Radio, who recently received permission to put a broadcast antenna on the top of the grain elevators. LAN helped by sending support emails to the coop elevator manager. Soon, Lawrence will have a genuine noncommercial radio asset for our whole community! Neighborhoods can be on the air! If you have questions or are interested in helping get this project going, call Rich Wenzel, 917-9344 or email

Community Development Advisory Committee:

This City advisory board helps allocate CDBG monies, among other duties. Two vacancies for positions that expire 09/30/13 and 09/30/15.  Three additional positions expire 09/30/13.  One of those positions will become vacant and three positions will be eligible for reappointment to additional terms.  Eligibility requirements exist for this board. Contact Danelle Dresslar for more information: 832.3108;

Thinking of remodeling? Check out this new city service:

The League of Women Voters “Brown Bag Lunch Meetings” will be held from 11:30 am – 1pm, are intended to accommodate those who work during the week. Coffee and tea provided; guests are encouraged to bring their own lunch. The programs are free, and open to the public. Friday, November 15, 2013: “Mexican Immigrants In Lawrence, KS: Their History and Their Stories”, Local professionals and Lawrence residents discuss various issues related to assimilation into our community, highlighted by personal stories. LOCATION: Watkins Community Museum of History Ground Floor Meeting Room 1047 Massachusetts Lawrence, KS. 66044

Update on police facility siting: and

Latest update from the City planning department: LAN extends its thanks to the City Commission, the City Manager and City staff for having provided us a planning staff member wiling to attend LAN meetings and keep us up-to-date on goings on at City Hall. We loved having Michelle Leininger at our meetings for the past few years, and we look forward to meeting and working with the next City staffer that is given LAN duty. 

Here is the City’s update from September:

Some happy and inspiring reading on neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Updates and contacts!


East Lawrence:



North Lawrence:

Old West Lawrence:

There is a great new neighborhood contact list, created by the Lawrence Police Department. If you would like that list, please email, or contact Officer Hackmeister at the LPD,

Update from Community Village Lawrence: You may have recently read about Community Village in the Lawrence Journal World or caught the story on Channel 6 news! The Village has expanded its service area to include all of Lawrence.  Presently, Community Village Lawrence is working on building a network of volunteers to assist with an upcoming reassurance call project.  This service will be free to anyone who would like to receive a phone call daily, or a few times a week, for security benefits and personal peace of mind.  The program will provide a preventative support system aimed at reducing social/emotional isolation.  The Village hopes to have the program available by spring of 2014 and possibly sooner. We are also looking for volunteers inspired to help us as we continue to develop and proceed to launch the full program by June 2014.  Please join us if you have a passion for older adults, senior issues, intergenerational communities, or if you could lend your experience and talents to our mission.  Specifically, we wish to gather volunteers for the Reassurance Call Program as well as our Marketing, Grants, Fundraising, Program Development, Volunteer Engagement and Finance Committees.  For links to volunteer job descriptions and a pre and post launch volunteer questionnaire go to:
Attend an upcoming informational session! The next public meeting is Sunday, November 17th, held at The Villas Clubhouse: 1530 Villa Drive, Lawrence, KS 66047 from 2-3:30pm.  We always provide complimentary refreshments and beverages, along with engaging conversation.  Visit our website at for a schedule of events and updates as to our progress.  Other questions or comments may be referred to one of our Program Coordinators (785) 505-0187 or (785) 505-0188.
November LAN Meeting Agenda

LAN will meet Thursday, November 7th, at 7 PM, in the conference room of the Capitol City Bank in the Hobbs Taylor Loft building on New Hampshire Street, downtown. If you have an item you’d like on the agenda, please contact your neighborhood rep or email Laura Routh,

1.     Approval of Minutes and treasure’s report

2.     HOT TOPIC! Discussion of Rental Registration and Code Enforcement. (This will be especially relevant because of the City Commission’s study session on rental registration at 4:00p on 11.05.13.)

3.     Discussion of LAN leadership positions for 2014 – December election

4.     Neighborhood updates, as needed

5.     H2020 update:

LAN is online! Check us out, here: and


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