Text Amendment Comments to City Commission

LAN has submitted the following comments to the City Commission, for tomorrow’s 4/23/13 meeting: 

Dear Commissioners, 

I am writing on behalf of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN), to ask you to reject the text amendment (TA-12-00206) proposed to the City of Lawrence Land Development Code, Chapter 20. 
The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that development projects comply with Horizon 2020, our Community’s comprehensive plan. 

We ask the City Commission to recognize that this text amendment was rejected unanimously by the planning commission (PC). In comments made toward the end of that PC meeting, the Chair, Dr. Bruce Liese, noted that the PC wished to send a strong message to the City Commission that the PC believed this proposed amendment was inappropriate and unwarranted. 

LAN concurs with the findings of the PC. 

This amendment would remove important procedural aspects of the planning process, and would limit citizen input on planning decisions. 

It weakens the value of Horizon 2020 and may serve to discourage public participation in, and acceptance of, future planning documents and processes. 

Further, as we understand, its development was conducted in closed meetings without public notice or input. City staff has not provided any objective evidence or data that the amendment is justified. 

For all these reasons, LAN asks the City Commission to reject the amendment. 

We appreciate your time and your service to the citizens of Lawrence. We respectfully request that our comments here be made part of the public record for Tuesday night’s meeting.
Thank you. 


Laura Routh
LAN Chair


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