ALERT! LAN meeting date change for February!

ALERT! LAN February meeting date change!

Dear LAN members and Friends,

In deference to the VEC city commission candidate forum being held at City Hall on February 7, LAN is holding its monthly meeting the Wednesday before.

We will meet Wednesday, February 6, at 7 PM in our normal location, the bank building conference room of the Hobb Taylor Loft Building on New Hampshire Street.

Here is a draft agenda:

1. Approval of January Minutes

2. Treasure’s report and discussion of LAN dues

3. Michelle Leininger, City of Lawrence Update

4. Critical Updates from Neighborhoods

5. East Village Project Presentation – Bonnie and Amy

6. Discussion of Feb 16 LAN retreat

7. Rental Registration and Inspection memo/update

8. Update/downtown redevelopment subcommittee

9. VEC, candidates, and election discussion

10. LAN outreach and Recruitment

11. Chair activity update

Please email me: if you have questions or agenda item requests. Please spread the word about our schedule change for February.

Hope to see folks at the LAN meeting February 6, and also at the VEC forum on February 7!


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