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Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 19 2022, 7:00 p.m.
LAN monthly meetings are convened online via Zoom.

Mission Statement

The Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN) exists to support and enhance the viability and effectiveness of Lawrence neighborhood associations and the Urban Growth Area.


  1. To provide opportunities for networking among neighborhoods for the sharing of resources, information, and expertise;
  2. To encourage and assist in the development of new neighborhood associations within the City of Lawrence boundaries and the Urban Growth Area;
  3. To encourage the cooperation of neighborhoods with similar concerns in order to facilitate the achievement of their common goals;
  4. To identify more efficient ways to evaluate the effects of city government policies, services, and programs on neighborhoods;
  5. To encourage accurate and timely feedback to city officials on neighborhood concerns and issues regarding city policies, services, and programs.

Officers – 2022

  • Chair – Travis Harrod
  • Vice Chair – Josh Spence
  • Treasurer – Kyle Thompson
  • Secretary – Gary Webber
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